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54 Moo 9, T. Mae Faek Mai, A. San Sai,
Chiang Mai 50210, Thailand
Main line: +66 89 789 6337
Sales line: +66 89 789 6337
Support line: +66 89 789 6337
General inquiries: info@happyherbfarm.com
Sales inquiries: sales@happyherbfarm.com
Order inquiries: order@happyherbfarm.com


Happy Herb Farm

Welcome to Happy Herb Farm in Chiang Mai!

🌱🌿🌳 Welcome to Happy Herb Farm in Chiang Mai! We are thrilled to have you here and share our passion for organic cannabis with you. Our farm is dedicated to cultivating high-quality, sustainable, and environmentally friendly cannabis products. πŸŒΏπŸŒ±πŸ’š
πŸ‘‹ Whether you’re a cannabis enthusiast or just curious about the benefits of organic farming, we invite you to come and visit us. Our knowledgeable staff will give you a tour of our facilities, answer any questions you may have, and help you discover the perfect strain for your needs. πŸŒ±πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ
🌞 So why not make a day of it? Enjoy the beautiful scenery, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and immerse yourself in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of our farm. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed! πŸŒžπŸƒπŸŒ„
🌿Happy Herb Farm
100% Organic Farm, where everything is grown with patience and care.πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
☎️ 089-789-6337
🟒 Line OA ID: @happyherbfarm (https://lin.ee/qSI69Wg)

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